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Go to incredible places, meet awesome people and enjoy lifetime experiences.

We are a community of travelers and hosts deeply concerned about the biodiversity loss in the world

That´s why we decided to use tourism as a tool to bring people together, connect and strengthen local hosts and empower them to protect nature.

Here you can find great travel experiences in nature and rural destinations, from trekking to whale watching, 4x4 expeditions, birdwatching, cultural immersive experiences with indigenous and local communities, mountaineering or simply contemplate the astonishing views that nature offers.

Book directly from local hosts, that will make your trip worth of living, and find an experience that matches your interests, thought just for you: private or very small groups, several comfort levels, different difficulty options and the accommodation you prefer, from a 5 stars eco-lodge to a thousand stars camping site.

The best thing is that by traveling with us you boost biodiversity conservation, by empowering local hosts in their efforts to protect nature.

Our Theory of Change: We generate local incentives to protect biodiversity by connecting and strengthening local hosts, in nature destinations, increasing their income and livelihoods opportunities.

With Awake I was able to grow my local tour operator in Caño Cristales, now I dedicate 90% of my land to conservation of the forest, instead of cattle grow.

An awesome adventure made easy, that´s how I´d describe my trip with Awake, I got to the heart of the Amazon with a Tikuna indigenous community that rescues primates, then did the best trekking I´ve done in El Cocuy NP and finished my trip in the caribbean coast. Great hosts and great service, just perfect.

We seek authenticity and celebrate diversity. We prefer to discover destinations in an authentic way and find what makes them unique. That´s the whole point of a trip for us.


I can meet new people everyday, do what we love and earn 2-3 times more income from hosting travelers. I’m also really proud to show foreigners our traditions, cultures and skills. It makes us happy that there are many people from all over the world who are interested in us.

I feel really happy to be able to share my skills to people from all over the world. They show me so much respect and we talk about happy things all the time.


Day or multi-day tours, even full roundtrips.

Book experiences including: activities, accommodation, meals and transportation. All in one place and create your perfect trip.

Support conservation and enjoy great experiences in the most amazing and remote places, 100% local hosts, private or very small groups with the best service and support.
Discover how we do it!

We travel to the
most amazing places!

In Awake we love to travel, that´s the whole point of the job for us. We are a platform created from travelers for travelers. That's how we actually create value for all those that are tired of touristy places and fake experiences.

All begins with a destination for us, that promises wilderness, culture and amazing local communities. We literally pack our bags and embrace the adventure. Once there, we just share with people and select, map and curate the offer and the hosts of any given destination.

We develop our hosts´

We've seen in all our trips that as you can find very developed hosts as ecolodges or local tour operators, there are several amazing people that struggle to create relevant experiences and reach the market.

That´s why we have a host development program where we help to close the gap between the market needs and the local offer. We also join efforts with NGO´s and other organizations that share our conservation purposes working with local communities.

We make an awesome
adventure, easy for you.

We do all the hardwork for you, so you can find in our platform the best experience for you, assuring accurate and complete information, great support and service before and during the trip and a smooth booking and planning process. You can chat with us or with your host, select from the most complete offer and just enjoy the trip. As simple as a click.

We use tourism as a
tool for conservation.

One of the causes of biodiversity loss is that local communities in many places of the world, have no option but to harm ecosystems and biodiversity to make a living.

Travel is a mean for us to incentivize conservation processes and sustainable income for locals. Our hosts are as well our partners for conservation, so we sign conservation agreements with them and show in our platform what each host does to protect nature, look for the travel & conservation seal and their inspiring stories.